Mayor David Busby

Mayor David Busby

A Penny for Your Thoughts

I guess we have all heard “a Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”, but maybe the way to save a Penny is to invest a Penny, that is thinking about a “Penny for Progress might just be a Penny Earned.” Invest that Penny in infrastructure sounds so funny, but invest that Penny in a good water system with fire hydrants sounds like conservative thinking to me. Would Pine Ridge citizens pay a Penny for good water that doesn’t eat up the pipes in your home, contain so much iron that children have lots of tooth cavities, and contain minerals that are linked to forming kidney stones? Just knowing a fire hydrant is right down the street and will always provide sufficient water to help put out home fires is surely worth more than a Penny!

The folks in Lexington, Cayce, Springdale and West Columbia may not think much about needing fire hydrants and good water because it is something they have and possibly take for granted. Pine Ridge needs fire hydrants and a reliable supply of municipal water. If our Penny can make the dream of fire hydrants, reliable water, and maybe even a municipal sewer system possible, then I know our dream is worth more than just a Penny!

When you look at what a Penny can do for Pine Ridge, then maybe you know supporting the Penny for Progress referendum is a sound, conservative approach to funding Pine Ridge needs. Let the citizens of each municipality make the decision about their needs and their Penny. Please don’t make a decision about the Penny for Progress referendum on the proposals from other towns, just think about your Pine Ridge Penny and Pine Ridge needs. Give the Penny for Progress Commission time to compile the list of projects to be on the ballot and pass the list along to County Council to approve or disapprove, and then see the priority of your Pine Ridge projects are before you make a decision about supporting the Penny for Progress referendum. Don’t let the “no tax” voices make a decision for you, because it is your Penny and your Needs!

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