Frequently Asked Questions


 What are city hall office hours?

M,T,Th,F 8 am - 5 pm
W 8 am - 1 pm

  What is the sanitation pick up schedule for Pine Ridge?

The Town of Pine Ridge has contracted with Tyler’s Sanitation to provide household garbage pickup to residents within the town limits of Pine Ridge They are responsible to provide roll-carts for household trash.  Please call 803-626-9000 if you would like to schedule household garbage pickup.


All household garbage must be in plastic bags and placed inside of provided trash containers. Please keep our town clean and litter free by putting garbage in securely tied plastic bags. Containers provided by Tyler’s Sanitation must be placed by the roadway/curb no later than 6:30 am the day of pickup (Friday unless otherwise notified by Tyler's Sanitation. Once your garbage containers have been emptied, please remove the container from the curb before 7:30 pm.


Garbage containers shall not be left out by the roadway or curb.  Please remove the containers from the curb before 7:30 pm.


Tyler's Sanitation

132 Hedge Rd
P.O. Box 675
Aiken, SC 29802

(803) 626-9000


Office Hours:
9am-5pm M-Thurs
9am-3pm Fri




 Do I need a permit for a recreational fire?

The Lexington County Outdoor Burning Ordinance is hereby adopted by reference and shall be applicable within the town limits.  The ordinance shall be enforced by the Lexington County Fire Department. (Amended 2007-04/2012-03). Please call The South Carolina Forestry Commission Burn Notification number at 1-800-705-8613. 

Lexington County Outdoor Burn Ordinance
County Council amended the Lexington County Outdoor Burning Ordinance to prohibit the open burning of leaves, tree branches and yard trimmings at private residences within 75 feet of any structure and/or property line. The amended law, that took effect on July 1, 2007, requires citizens who burn debris outdoors to take adequate steps to prevent any fire from spreading within 75 feet of any structure. The amended law also requires open burning that is done for the purpose of clearing land or maintaining a right-of-way to be conducted in compliance with South Carolina air quality regulations. Such open burning will be prohibited between April 1 and October 30, when air quality problems are most prevalent in Lexington County.
For additional information:

Yard Debris (leaves, tree trimmings)
Prior to general debris burning read Lexington County’s rules and regulations and notify the SC Forestry Commission by calling 1-800-705-8613.

Land Clearing (large clearing, mechanical clearing)
Prior to burning for large clearings and mechanical clearings, read Lexington County's rules and regulations and contact Lexington County Fire Services at 
(803) 785-8141.

Forestry/Wildlife/Agriculture Burning
Prior to burning for forestry, wildlife or agricultural purposes, read Lexington County's rules and regulations and notify the SC Forestry Commission by calling 1-800-688-3823.

To report a wildfire, call 9-1-1 and the Forestry Commission at 1-800-777-FIRE (same as 1-800-777-3473).
For general questions about outdoor debris burning, please contact South Congaree Fire Department at (803)755-1345 or Lexington County Fire Services at (803) 785-8141.