Lexington County Public Works Online Service Request Portal

The County of Lexington has created an online web portal that allows residents to submit service requests online in an effort to streamline customer service and make submitting Public Works requests more efficient.

The Public Works Online Service Request Portal is aimed at making it easier for residents to alert the County’s Public Works Department of needed repairs, maintenance and improvements on County-maintained roads.

Previously, residents could only submit requests for road repairs or maintenance to the Public Works Department by calling the Department. Now, they will have the option to submit requests via the County’s service request portal from a computer or mobile device.  The portal allows for users to type in the address of the request, select the nature of the work that is needed and add any additional comments, up to 200 characters, to further explain the reason for their submission.  Once a request has been submitted by a resident, they will receive a confirmation email, containing a service request number, informing them that their request has been received and is being sent to the appropriate Public Works crew.

It is important to note that the portal will only allow residents to submit requests for service on County-maintained roads. If residents are trying to submit a request on a State-maintained road, there will be no option for them to select. To request maintenance on a state road, please contact SCDOT at (803) 359-4103 or visit the website.

To find out what roads are County, State, or privately maintained, visit the County’s Road Maintenance map.